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Letters From Gardenia


Letters From Gardenia offers a unique expression of poetry, wrapped in a diverse and appealing journal-like book. From mental health to hope and wonder, Denae takes you on a journey of losing and finding your way back to resilience. Hidden gems that are found in these poems provide insight on the rise and fall of the human condition. Denae associates philosophy of the mind with her personal experiences in a relatable way. From a journey of addiction to what she went through during her psychosis, these pages unravel truth and heartache of what it means to be alive.



This second edition published on June 14, 2022 has been revised and expanded with poetry and photography that evolved with the writer over time. Some new and unseen, some integrated with previous work. All in all, it is a perfect combination of original authenticity and transformation to a new home.




Print Length: 244 Pages


Language: English


Publication Date: June 14, 2022


ISBN: 978-0-578-36080-5

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